Good > $1 Million

"The resulting bumper crop of good material, along with many items priced under $1 million, made for brisk sales even before the first hour was up....."

Robin Pogrebin, Inside Art, Art Basel, Upbeat Dealers and Brisk Sales, June 16, 2016


This statement was the author's way of describing the quality of art and the enthusiasm of collectors at Art Basel, which is arguably the largest, most prominent international art fair in the world. My first reaction was, "wouldn't be amazing if some of my work ended up at Art Basel some day?". Oh, dare to dream!

Then I reread the statement..........

So there was "good material" and ALSO many items priced under $1 million. The longer I think about this the more humorous and pompous I find the statement. Especially because with the quoted statement as an introduction, the author goes on to mention several--maybe 15-20--works and the prices at which they were sold. Everyone of them had at least six figure on its price tag, and roughly half must have been what is referred to as good material because they had seven-figure price tags.