Getting Comfortable With Acrylic Skins

An acrylic ’skin’ is a dry acrylic film that can be made of paint, medium or a combination of paint and medium, that is not attached to any substrate,” Golden Artist Colors, Inc. provided this definition in the most recent edition of its newsletter, And although it’s sometimes too obvious that the primary purpose of the newsletter is to market Golden products, Golden also provides a lot of worthwhile information about the painting techniques. This specific article was a how-to for making these very cool, very versatile films using acrylic paints. All the materials needed and basic steps are presented.

I’ve been interested in this technique ever since I first saw works that incorporated it. I had some general thoughts on how the effect was produced but I wasn’t sure on the process. Now Just Paint lays out the steps in an easy-to-follow guide and the usual practice makes perfect mantra. I definitely think this effect will work well with my style of art. I hope I have the patience to develop some level of proficiency.

If you want to know what can be done with acrylic skins in the hands of a master, check out the work of Erik Benson. His urban scenes and cityscapes are absolutely incredible. I have no doubt that his process, not to mention his skill and artistry, take the process presented on to the ultimate level.